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                彩神ll药业 传递健康


                彩神ll药业 传递健康


                彩神ll药业与韩国HK inno.N Corporation就引进替戈拉生注射剂产品达成协议

                发布时间:2021年06月25日 浏览次数:


                中国上海,2021年6月24日 - 彩神ll药业集团股份有限公司(以下简称“彩神ll药业”)子公司山东彩神ll药业集团股份有⌒限公司(以下简称“山东彩神ll”)宣布」与韩国HK inno.N Corporation(原CJ HealthCare Corporation公司,以下简称“HK inno.N Corporation”)在线签署合作协议,就引进HK inno.N Corporation公司的替戈拉生注射剂产品达成合作。山东彩神ll将获得该产品在中国的独家开发、生产和商业↓化权利。目前,替戈拉生注射剂在全球范围内尚无产品上市。

                Shanghai,China, June 24, 2021-- Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Stock Co., Ltd.(Shandong Luoxin), a subsidiary of Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Stock Co., Ltd. (Luoxin Pharmaceutical) signed a cooperation agreement with South Korea-based HK inno.N Corporation (formerly CJ HealthCare Corporation) whereby Shandong Luoxin will gain the exclusive rights for the development, manufacture, and commercialization of Tegoprazan injections in China. At present, Tegoprazan injections are not yet available anywhere worldwide. The signing event took place online.




                替戈拉生是钾离子①竞争性酸阻滞剂类药物(Potassium-Competitive Acid Blockers,P-CAB),其抑制酸分泌的作用机制为竞争性结合☉壁细胞内H+/K+-ATP酶(质子泵)的钾离◆子结合部位。与传统质子泵抑制剂(PPI)不同,P-CAB可直∴接抑制H+/K+-ATP酶,而无需在强酸环境下活化。而且,无论H+/K+-ATP酶活化与▓否,P-CAB均可与之结卐合。替戈拉生注射剂主要用于治疗胃食管反流、上消化道出血和预防应激性∑ 胃黏膜损伤等,具有起效快、作用时间长、酸性条件▼下稳定、可同时抑制激活和静息状态㊣ 质子泵等特点。 

                Tegoprazan, a novel potassium-competitive acid blocker (P-CAB), inhibits gastric H+/K+-ATPase (proton pump) in a potassium-competitive and reversible manner.Different from the traditional proton pump inhibitors (PPI), P-CAB can directly inhibit H+/K+-ATPase without activation in strong acid environments. Moreover, P-CAB can be combined with H+/K+-ATPase whether it is activated or not. Tegoprazan injections have mainly been developed for the treatment of acid-related gastrointestinal diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and upper gastrointestinal bleeding as well as for the prevention of stress gastric mucosa injury. The drug has many advantages, including fast onset of action, effectiveness over a prolonged period and stability under acidic conditions that can simultaneously inhibit both activated and resting state proton pumps.

                根据IQVIA数据,2020年中国质子泵抑制剂(PPI)药物市场规模约30亿美元,仅次于美国位居全」球第二,其ω 中注射剂市场规模约20亿美元,约128亿人民币,占PPI药】物市场的60%。根据协议条款,山东彩神ll将获得替戈拉生○注射剂产品在中国的独家开发、生产和商业【化权益,并将向HK inno.N Corporation支付总计不超过500万美元的首付款及销售里程碑付款。

                Statistics from IQVIA reveal that China’s PPI market amounted to about US$3 billion in 2020, ranking second in the world just behind the U.S. The market for injections reached nearly 2 billion (approx.12.8 billion yuan), accounting for 60 percent of the total PPI drug market.Under the agreement, Shandong Luoxin will receive the exclusive development, manufacture, and commercial rights of Tegoprazan injections in China, and pay up to US$5 million in total down payments and sales milestone payments.

                HK inno.N Corporation代表理◤事姜碩禧(Kang Seok-hee)表示:“彩神ll药业作为我们钾离子竞争性酸阻滞剂类药物在中国的开发合作伙▆伴,具有消化领域强大竞争能力以及出色的商业能力。我很高兴〖双方可以达成进一步合作,增加Tegoprazan产品在中国市场价值。”

                HK inno.N Corporation CEO Kang Seok-hee said “As the development partner of our P-CAB in China, Luoxin Pharmaceutical has strong competitive and excellent business capabilities in the digestion sector. I am pleased that the two sides have been able to enter into this cooperation with the aim of increasing the value of Tegoprazan in the Chinese market.”

                “我们与HK inno.N Corporation公司一直保持良好的合作伙伴关系,愿双方共同探索创新药物的努力∑ 早日取得成果,为全球病患提供更有◎价值的创新疗法,也期待在未来拓展更多合作空间。”彩神ll¤药业董事长兼CEO刘振腾表示。

                Luoxin Pharmaceutical chairman and CEO Ryan Liu noted “We have maintained a good partnership with HK inno.N Corporation and hope the joint efforts to explore innovative drugs can pay off as soon as possible and provide more effective therapies to patients worldwide. We are looking forward to further expansion of the cooperation in the future.”

                彩神ll药业与HK inno.N Corporation(原CJ HealthCare Corporation)合作始于2015年,双方就替戈拉生片在中国境内独家开发、生产及商业化权益达成协议。2017 年 6 月该项目获得临床试验◥批件,2019年首个III期临床研究结果达到主要疗效终点。目前,替戈拉生片上市申请已获CDE受理。

                The collaboration between Luoxin Pharmaceutical and HK inno.N Corporation (formerly CJ HealthCare Corporation) began in 2015, when they reached an agreement on the exclusive development, production and commercial rights of Tegoprazan in China. Clinical trial approval was obtained in June 2017, while the first phase III clinical study results reached the main efficacy end point in 2019. At present, the marketing authorization application for Tegoprazan has been accepted by China's Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE).


                【关于韩国HK inno.N Corporation】

                HK inno.N Corporation公司是一家即将在韩国交易所上市的集团公∮司,已向韩国交易所递交上市申请。自1984年成立以来,凭借其处方药,如肠胃药、抗癌药、循环系统药、糖尿病药及肾药,及非处方药品组合,于韩↓国药品市场独占鳌头。公司于2018年2月18日被韩国Kolmar Korea Co.,Ltd收购,并于2020年2月6日完成官方注册名称变更,从原CJ HealthCare Corporation正式更名〗为HK inno.N Corporation。

                HK inno.N Corporation is a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company that is the process of applying to launch an IPO on the Korea Stock Exchange. Since inception in 1984, the firm has dominated the South Korean drug market with its lineup of prescription drugs for the treatment of gastrointestinal, kidney and circulatory aliments as well as cancer and diabetes, alongside an over-the-counter drug portfolio. The company was acquired by Kolmar Korea Co., Ltd on February 18, 2018, and completed its official registration for a name change on February 6, 2020, from the original CJ HealthCare Corporation to HK inno.N Corporation. 





                Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group (Luoxin Pharmaceutical) is a healthcare conglomerate that is engaged in health services as well as the R&D, manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals. As one of the fastest-growing and leading pharmaceutical companies in China, Luoxin Pharmaceutical is committed to providing customers with high-quality API, multi-agent drugs (tablets, capsules and injections) and healthcare services.

                Luoxi Pharmaceutical has been included in the list of China’s top 100 pharmaceutical producers for several consecutive years and been named among the Top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies By R&D Strength multiple times. Its shares were listed on China’s A-share market in 2019, with the stock code 002793.